Are Hate Crimes and Online Casino Gambling Interlinked?

I’ve always wondered if there was any research that linked the phenomenon of gambling with that of hate crimes.

On this post I am going to research some of the aspects that may or may not link these two aspects in the country of Australia. I decided to make this case study about Australia because it is one of the most avid gambling nations in the world. So we need to understand what hate crimes statistics look like in Australia. And then compare this with how popular slots and other casino games are in that country too. It is important to keep in mind that despite real world maths, gamblers will always remain superstitious and believe that they can beat pokie machines with a so called “strategy”.

The state of Victoria published a report where it says that:

gambling can cause negative social and economic impacts for the individual, their family and friends, workplaces, and the wider community.

So this basically agrees with my point of view. If gambling and slots have a strong social impact, this is going to trickle down to other aspects of society, hence the foundation of my theory where these two elements are combined.

hate-crime-gamblingOne thing that I should mention is that I actually traveled to Australia this year. It was a great experience and I found Australians to be amazing and friendly people, a lot more laid back than americans. The one thing that surprised me I must admit, is how much they have a love affair with slots on, but this particular friend of mine while I was there wanted to play free pokies in his android device. Maybe it is because they live a few miles away from the desert, but there is something about them that makes them very friendly. I make this clarification so that readers wont think that I have something against them, quite the opposite. Because I ended up knowing them quite a bit, is that I used this country as a case study and I am continually getting more information about it. ¬†One of the most funny things that I saw when I was driving there was a graffiti that said something funny about pokies. I couldn’t get a picture of it but it was something like this: