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Genie gems

I still remember the time, when I was a kid and used to watch these two Disney cartoon shows the most and they are the Aladdin form the Arabian nights and the other one is the duck tales from the Disney hour. And just like Aladdin I always had this wish of possessing a genie so that I could make my every wish come true.

Well, I didn’t possess the real genies but can still feel the glimpses of having a real one. And all this is made possible with this micro gaming slot called genie gems. Where this virtual genie will help you make your every come true.

This classic slot machine is a 5 reel, 5 line game from Microgaming that can be played at most of the top online casinos where Players get the option of playing between one and five coins per line, with coin sizes ranging from dollar 0.25 to dollar 2.00 when playing with the real money version.

It’s really a gem mine, and you just have to collect the gems to increase your winning count and I did the same when I played the same with the real money version. Before going for the real money one must keep certain things in mind. One must read all the pay table rules thoroughly and must know about the payout system of the online casino at which they are going to play. This way one can ensure that his hard earned will be safe while playing at online casinos.