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What are hate crimes?

Ok so finally all the pieces of the puzzle have come together for me to start this blog about hate crimes. I was hesitant to blog about this because this is a topic that get people very emotional. Especially people that belong to minorities, whether it is a sexual, gender, racial or ethnic minority. The motivations behind hate crimes are diverse and equally sick from a moral point of view. I was asked why I also posted a blog post about online pokies, and the reason is that I honestly think that gambling has a lot to do with this issue, especially true when you start looking at the statistics provided by australian organisations that analyse the gambling market.

I am of the idea that you “live and let live”, so in many ways I am what many would call a libertarian. The problem with libertarians, or at least with the political movement that has been coined with that term, is that they dont really follow that principle. For example, if you look at the political platforms of most libertarian candidates, you are likely to see something along the lines of “protecting the borders”, which in fact means that they don’t consider people who come from other countries their equals, and hence target to police abuseĀ in a way that citizens are protected from. In many ways the term libertarian is being degraded just like the term “liberal” has been for decades. They both are supposed to have to do with freedom, and after they’ve been manipulated by the american machine of politics and propaganda, they are all about giving power and authority to the government to do as they consider fit with people’s private freedoms.

So in that regard, I am not a libertarian. But I am sort of am, if you know what I mean. The important point being, no human being should think they are entitled to “hate” another human being just because they belong to another group. We’ve seen this happen in history before, many times. People from one country hating people from another country. People from one race hating people from another race. People from one sexual orientation hating people from another sexual orientation, people who support one sports team hating people who support another team.

As ridiculous as it sounds, these things are real and they keep happening. No one seems to have the answer to this, and instead, politicians are quick to encourage this type of hatred for their own survival and political gains. The new “heap” thing to hate these days is Islam. And what about the racial tension in many US cities?

These are all uncomfortable topics that will be covered in this blog. Please feel free to share your opinion, I will publish it as long as you don’t take part of the hate spreading going on.